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full steam ahead
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full steam ahead

It’s been 2 weeks since the crew left for the great row and we are delighted to report that James and the guys are still alive with all limbs intact! Through the noise of splashing, crashing and muscle groans, James has reported that spirits are high and the determination of the men is as relentless as ever. The best news of all… they’re currently a whole half day ahead of the existing world record of rowing the Atlantic in 32 days!! It would seem the motivation to raise as much research money as possible for Crohn’s and Colitis UK has made them unstoppable!

We can only imagine what it is like aboard the Toby Wallace with just 8 baby-wipes a day to blot away the sweat and dried food for fuel. All of the support back home really does give them a boost to power through the waves – Fergus has even written to the Queen (we have our fingers crossed for a hefty donation!).

Keep up the good work chaps, you can do it!