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  1. The Toby Wallace has been designed to achieve a “4 minute mile of ocean rowing” and is one of the lightest and most advanced rowing boats ever built. She weighs less than 200 kilos and has 5 ballast tanks to maximise her self-righting ability – comforting for our crew
  2. Each crew member has a 2kg luggage allowance – that’s the equivalent weight of just 2 bags off sugar! They have had to streamline their supplies wherever possible, from sawing their tooth brushes in half to snipping off the corners of food packets.
  3. There is little shelter on the boat which can leave the crew BAKING on board! Despite the sweaty conditions, the crew need to try and keep their t-shirts on when they can to avoid sun-stroke (we imagine there are already a few sunburnt noses).
  4. Each rower can be burning up to 1000 calories an hour- that’s a potential 12,000 calories a day being burnt by each member (lean, mean, rowing machines!)
  5. The crew’s food intake has been carefully assessed to provide 6500 calories per day which consists of regular high protein powdered food and sugary snacks. Oreos appear to be a favourite!
  6. Each man is rationed to 8 wet-wipes a day to clean themselves to ensure minimal chaffing and smelly lycra!
  7. The crew are reliant on their on-board reverse osmosis machine for clean water. This takes in sea water and removes the salt and impurities so it is safe for them to drink.
  8. There are no toilet facilities on board, so the crew are enjoying the delights of a good old fashioned bucket!

( * James is still sporting the same cheesy grin he was before the launch 16 days ago!)