They’ve done it! Congratulations Crewing for Crohn’s!

We’re incredibly proud to announce that James and the Toby Wallace crew have made it! After an astounding 32 days, 22 hours, 31 minutes and 25 seconds rowing the Atlantic waves, the 8 weary rowers arrived in high spirits into Port St Charles, Barbados on 15th March 2014 at the local time of 4.27pm. Just […]


Less than a week left of the great Atlantic row and we have the best news to report yet…Crewing for Crohn’s have hit their £100,000 target to fund vital Crohn’s and Colitis research! James, Fiona, Fergus and the boys have been pushing themselves to the fundraising limit (Fergus even wrote to the Queen to raise […]


The Toby Wallace has been designed to achieve a “4 minute mile of ocean rowing” and is one of the lightest and most advanced rowing boats ever built. She weighs less than 200 kilos and has 5 ballast tanks to maximise her self-righting ability – comforting for our crew Each crew member has a 2kg […]


As you can imagine, once the initial awe of the vast ocean and suspense of the changing weather is over, the scenery becomes quite repetitive for the James and the crew.  Your messages of support break up the every-day work-out monotony and gives them the morale boost to keep them strong and focused on the […]


It’s been 2 weeks since the crew left for the great row and we are delighted to report that James and the guys are still alive with all limbs intact! Through the noise of splashing, crashing and muscle groans, James has reported that spirits are high and the determination of the men is as relentless […]

Titan on the water!

The crew get their first chance to practice with the full team on board. A very lightweight boat combined with each crew member only allowed 2kg of clothes and kit (equivalent of 2 bags of sugar) means every movement is felt. However flat conditions made for an easier man overboard drills! See the photo gallery […]

Big Media Week!

Great excitement as Crohns and Colitis UK managed to get us to appear on BBC Radio London where we were given a 12 minute slot. The whole family were allowed into the studio with Fergus featuring up front and much chatter behind from his three brothers. A great opportunity to get the Crohns message across […]

Bon Voyage James!

It’s James’ last day in the office and it just wouldn’t be right without a proper send off. James’ colleagues presented him with a heartfelt video of personal good luck messages and words of wisdom. In classic INVOLVE style; memorable messages included ‘watch out for the chaffing’ and ‘lucky sod, all that time off work’. […]

The ‘James’ O’Meter’

When James told INVOLVE he was going to attempt to beat the world record of rowing the Atlantic in just 32 days, a wave of shock, awe and sheer disbelief swept across the office. Having picked their jaws up off the floor, James’ friends and colleagues wanted to fully get behind his cause, not only […]